SunBrite Concentrate Dilution Ratios

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SunBrite All Purpose Cleaner, NonToxic, Biodegradable

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Diluting Concentrate

Fill a 1 Quart Microwave Safe measuring cup 1/2 way with water. Add the desired amount of concentrate (see below). Place in microwave for approximately One Minute. Stir if not completely dissolved. Pour into a spray bottle and top off with hot water. Shake and your all set.


Or :: Fill 1 Quart container with Hot water, add the desired amount of concentrate, and stir until product is diluted.


Concentrate Ratios (Per Quart)

3 Tablespoons - Industrial

2 Tablespoon - General

1 Teaspoon - Light

Industrial Strength

These mixtures are especially useful as a car upholstery cleaner, grill cleaner, and for spot cleaning carpets, clothing, or for any other hard to clean problem.  Liberally apply solution to stain. Allow to stand a few minutes, then scrub with a clean cloth, or a gentle scrubbing brush. If you have difficulty removing stain, apply SunBrite in its Paste form.  For Paint Removal - Use the above mentioned mix, or the paste in its concentrate form. Apply to paint you want removed, and scrub using either a clean cloth, or a soft scrub brush. SunBrite is not an abrasive cleaner, so it will take a bit of elbow grease to get rid of unwanted paint. 

Rust Removal - Same Directions. For extremely difficult rust removal, try using the paste in its concentrate.

General Cleaning

Use this solution on countertops, furniture, appliances, and any other general surfaces - Anything you would use general household cleaning products on.  Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, & Chrome Using SunBrite Paste - Mix 1 Tablespoon of Paste for every 15 Ounces of HOT water in the Spray bottle.  Also available is our premixed Home & Office Cleaner. Apply Solution to stain. Allow to stand for a minute, the scrub with a clean cloth. For quick removal use 0000 grade steel wool. Be sure to scrub with the grain or the surface will scratch.  Carpets, Rugs, Clothing, and Car Upholstery Using SunBrite Paste - Mix 1 Tablespoon of Paste for every 10 Ounces of HOT water in Spray bottle.  Also available is our premixed Carpet Spotting Gel. Liberally apply solution over stained area. Allow to stand a few minutes, then scrub with a clean cloth, or a gentle scrub brush. If stain has difficulty being removed, apply SunBrite Paste directly to the stain, and attempt cleaning again.

For Use with Carpet Machines (SunBrite Paste)

1. Vacuum thoroughly.

2. Pretreat heavy stains as mentioned above. 

3. Dissolve SunBrite (2-3 tablespoons per 32 ounces / 1 pint container makes 4 gallons shampoo).

4. Add solution and dry according to machine instructions.

Concentrate Paste

Use the concentrate form for any hard to clean, or stubborn stains. Also the concentrate form works well as a car upholstery cleaner, spot cleaning clothes, and as a degreaser.  Note: SunBrite Paste does need to be mixed with HOT water, however it does not need to remain hot to work properly. For most surfaces use a clean cloth and the appropriate SunBrite product. For extremely difficult or hard to clean stains, scrub with a 3M Scotchbrite pad, or apply the concentrate directly to the stain. For stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, brass, and copper, use 0000 grade steel wool to clean. Always clean with the grain, or surface will scratch. 

When removing gum, tar, or wax - poke some holes, and apply the paste. Then apply a little HOT water and allow it to stand for a few minutes before removing. 

The success of stain removal depends upon length of time stain has been present and other chemicals which have been applied. 

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