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Outdoor Grills

Interior Grates . Spray a liberal amount of Industrial Solution on grates and allow  to sit for a few minutes. Then do a light spray over the top and scrub using either an industrial scouring pad, grill brush, or other similar item. This can be done with the grill is cold or warm, but should not be performed while it is still hot enough to cause water evaporation. Rinse the grate with warm water when finished. Note that the amount of scrubbing will depend upon the amount of grease buildup and length it’s been present.

Interior Grill Bowl . Spray Industrial Solution over the interior of the grill. Scrub and wipe down with a clean cloth. For areas with grease buildup we recommend using a nylon brush or other similar “light” abrasive products.

Exterior Grill Bowl . Spray Industrial Solution over the exterior of the grill and wipe down with a clean cloth.

Stainless Steel Surfaces . Spray a Light Solution over the surface and wipe down using soft, non-abrasive materials.

Kitchen Equipment (Ovens . Ranges . Hoods)

Oven and range surfaces may be cleaned warm, using SunBrite Industrial Dilution Mix and 3M Scotchbrite pad. Deposit of Carbon on racks, doors, and bottoms of ovens may be cleaned with solid SunBrite and stainless scouring pad if needed. Glass on convection ovens will normally come clean with diluted liquid and green pad. Use stainless scouring pad if carbon spots remain. When cleaning either cast iron or enamel cook tops always use stainless steel scouring pads to maximize results with less effort. Backs of ranges and hoods may be cleaned with diluted product and 3M scratchpads, provided build up is not too thick.


Carbon & Barbecue removal from Pots . Pans . Grills . Broilers: 

If cleaning heavy buildup from sides and backs of grills and broilers, use solid SunBrite Paste or Industrial Strength Liquid and a scouring pad when surfaces are warm. Scrub areas well, using more solid product if needed. Deposits should liquefy, making clean up easier. Repeat applications may be necessary if build up is severe. When cleaning carbon from pots and pans, also use solid SunBrite with stainless scouring pad, cleaning utensils when warm or hot if possible. 0000 Grade Steel Wool, a nylon brush, or other similar soft surfaces are recommended for use on surfaces that will scratch.

For Fryer Boil Out: 

Take 4-5 cups of diluted SunBrite or ˝ cup solid product and add to average 5-gallon fryer filled to normal oil level line with water. Turn on fryer between 210-215 degrees and let simmer for 20 –30 minutes. Drain as usual. If carbon is not completely removed from heating elements and tray area, use Green 3-M Scotchbrite Pad to help eliminate burnt on deposits. Rinse well 2-3 times with clean water and fill back to normal level with oil. If removing thick, gummy build up from sides, top and back of fryers, use solid SunBrite and stainless steel scouring pad when hot to liquefy deposits. 

Convare and Rotisserie Frying Equipment: 

Take appliance apart and spray with heavy solution of SunBrite. Remove any black debris with stainless steel scouring pad. For best results spray on heated surface if grime is thicker than ˝ inch. 

Floors and Baseboards:

Add 4-5 cups diluted SunBrite to standard mop pail with Hot water. May be mixed with bleach or ammonia with No Reaction. Apply to floors in normal manner, using mop or deck brush. Rinse with water and allow to air dry. When cleaning baseboards, spray diluted SunBrite and use green 3M Scotchbrite pad to remove black marks, wax or other buildup. Rinse if desired and wipe down with clean cloth.

Note: Solid SunBrite may also be added with hot water to buckets if desired for tough to clean or extremely greasy areas. Use brushes or other floor equipment if needed. SunBrite will work better with Hot water.





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